Saturday, April 1, 8:00 PM
Goldstein Auditorium, Springfield JCC, Springfield

Burdened with memory loss and his beloved wife’s recent passing, 90-year-old Zev Guttman (Academy Award-winner Christopher Plummer) is in a race against time to find personal catharsis and overdue justice. Having seemingly suppressed the wartime horrors of decades earlier, he is prompted to track down his fugitive Nazi tormentor by fellow Auschwitz survivor Max (Martin Landau), a wheelchair-bound resident of their New York City nursing home. Seizing on an elaborate mission of vengeance, Zev embarks on a cross-country odyssey to find the former commander responsible for murdering their families, who they now believe to be living somewhere in the country under an assumed identity. As Zev closes in on his target, his manhunt is complicated by his own constantly crumbling sense of self, leading inexorably to a shocking climax.

Drama-Thriller | 2015 | 95 minutes
Canada | English and German with subtitles
Directed by Atom Egoyan