14th Annual Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival  March 28 – April 8, 2019

Western Massachusetts Premiere

Ben-Gurion, Epilogue

Sunday, March 18, 11:00 AM
Goldstein Auditorium, Springfield JCC, Springfield

In the great depths of the Israeli film archive, six hours of interview footage was discovered of one of modern history’s greatest leaders – David Ben-Gurion. Conducted in 1968 by Dr. Clinton Bailey, when Ben-Gurion was 82 years old, the conversation is a candid portrait of the elder statesman in his secluded home in the desert, on Kibbutz Sde Boker, removed from all political discourse, which allows him a hindsight perspective on the Zionist enterprise. The film focuses on Ben-Gurion’s introspective soul searching, and his clear voice provides a surprising vision for today’s crucial decisions and the future of Israel.

Q&A with Clinton Bailey, Visiting Professor of International Studies at Trinity College and lead interviewer in the film. Screening with The Settlers, with light lunch served in between films.

Ophir (Israeli Academy) Award, Best Documentary

Documentary | 2016 | 70 minutes
Israel, France | English, Hebrew with subtitles 
Directed by Yariv Mozer



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