Western Massachusetts Premiere

The Man Who Saved the Louvre

Sunday, April 2, 2:00 PM
Davis Auditorium, D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield

At the dawn of World War II, some 4,000 masterpieces were secretly taken from the walls of the Louvre Museum and hidden away in various locations in the Loire Valley of France, in an extraordinary effort to save the artworks from the Nazis. Under the leadership of Jacques Jaujard, Director of the French National Museums (Musées Nationaux), an unlikely squadron of curators evacuated the most prestigious collection of artworks and kept it safe throughout the war, at great risk to their lives. Thanks to them, the collective memory harbored by the Louvre did not vanish. The Mona Lisa still smiles back at us.

Post-screening Q&A with Simon Sibelman, Holocaust scholar and former executive director of the Virginia Holocaust Museum.

Documentary | 2014 | 60 minutes
France | English and French with subtitles
Directed by Jean-Pierre Devillers and Pierre Pochard